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title Convalescence per time period
Name optima date 2011-11-03

The very night after surgery

When you leave the operating room, it would be little drowsy but comfort status. When you arrive home, lay on the sofa or bed comfortably, drink some beverages, and have snacks. If inconveniences (pain) are severe, then take painkiller after having meals, and then you would be drowsy. Maybe you would repeat drowsing and awakening until afternoon and evening. Before leaving the operating room, you might do lift your arms above your head or height of shoulders, but you should do that at least three times before go to bed after arriving home.

At first, lift your arm to the height of shoulder and in case that there are pulling feeling without pain, life it above the head and down, and repeat this double time. If you repeat the whole process three times before go to bed, and then you would be surprised how recovery is easy.

If you are very hungry and do not feel nausea, and then take snacks whatever. It is not to eat too much, but it is good to eat whatever you want to eat. If you are ready to go to bed, take painkiller two pills and then take a rest. Though you are awaken during sleep, but do not take additional painkiller and get to sleep again. Sometimes, it would be more comfortable to sleep by holding pillow. If you want to wear bra, then wear. There is no matter. Most of patients feel more comfortable without bra, but if you want, then it is okay to wear bra as usual breast. You do as you are comfortable.

The next morning after surgery

When you are awakening in the morning, you could feel stiffness. This is normal, too. Get out of bed by rolling your body sideward. Take a rest on cozy chair or sofa, and have a light breakfast with whatever you want. Have some meals and take painkiller, and finish your breakfast completely. If remedial effect will come (stiffness and inconveniences (pain) would be less), then take a shower with warm water and let the water flowing from shoulders and breasts about five to ten minutes. Wash your hair by lifting arms slowly. You will not believe that how it makes you feel good by moving arms. At first, it would be tight a little, but it is normal. There is nothing would be mattered due to lift and move arms above the head.

If you feel good, then enjoy shopping, or watch movies or do things what you want to do. However, it would be tired easily for several days after surgery, then make a plan that you can rest at home after doing things what you do. If you want to drive, then do it. Mostly, our patients do drive within three days after surgery. However, if you are taking painkillers, then you should avoid it. It would be good to change painkiller that is possible to purchase without prescription from painkiller which requires prescription. When you take painkiller purchased with prescription when you go to bed, it would be more comfortable to get to sleep.

Usually, if you have a feeling that you can lift up your child, then you can do it. Most of patients can lift up young children the next day of surgery. Usually, there is no problem which would be occurred due to lift up things with weight. Only you should avoid to pull or heavy things.

Do not forget to take lots of water; taking water prevents constipation that can be occurred due to painkiller. Please do not forget that everything should be moved.

Two days after surgery

During two days after surgery, you would feel unpleasant feeling and inconveniences at most.

Do not be stunned if there is swelling feeling. Liquid was injected to your body in surgery, and breast area was swollen. As swelling go downward to bottom area, you can feel that you waist would be thickened. Do not be afraid. All these things would be settled and you can go to the bathroom frequently about two or four days after surgery.

Make efforts to go back to daily life as much as possible. It is good as it would be fast. Make plans that you can take a rest when you are tired.

Three weeks after surgery

As about three weeks pass, the move awkward and inconvenient period is passed. However, breast is not felt like a part of your body. After three weeks, think about next three months.

Listen to your body that it would be the time to do every activity.

If there is thing to get too much stress, then stop it and do it next day again.

If you are listening to your body, then you can know what would be necessary. It does not mean that you should stop doing everything for very few inconveniences. However, if you feel pain, then you should stop. You should do it next day or afterwards again. Sexual relationship would be good if you do not feel inconveniences. First several days would be difficult to have sexual relationship due to lots of suppression to breast, but if it is not, then it is okay. You would come to know that the words of “It is good to see, but the feeling is not so good” is wrong when the feeling of breast area is good. It is necessary for understanding with people in special relationship. Anyway, you should avoid too much serious activities during several weeks.

During first three weeks, breast would be felt very hardened. Mostly, patients have very hard breast during first three weeks, but after one week, it start to be disappeared gradually. If your skin was very firm before surgery, then it will take more time that the tight feeling would be disappeared. About three ~ four days pass, it would be accustomed a lot, and after one week, thought would not be remained continuously. After three weeks, there is slightly tight feeling, but it would not very strong.

Sounds in the breast would be disappeared after three weeks or before that. Insensibility, sensitivity, and strange feeling (stabbing feeling or electrical feeling) are all normal. Most of these changes of sense are not disappeared and it takes much time to be normal. Before six months to one year, you should not conclude for the change of senses. Senses would be better very slowly.

To wear bra depends on your decision. If you feel more comfortable to wear bra (which type it is) or you want to make specific shape, then wear. However, if you feel more comfortable not to wear bra, then do not wear. Whatever others tell, bra does not affect surgical result. We prescribed this over 2000 patients and came to know that a person who knows that what is the most comfortable to oneself is just you. The thing we can do is to give you the right to select according to whether you feel comfortable or not.

Three months after surgery

During first three months, your breast would not be felt like your body. Something is in your breast. After first three weeks, your skin would be relaxed quickly, but it is difficult to feel change every day. According to relaxation of skin, you come to feel that you did not select too much big implants compared to your tissue by the thing which was filled up too much of upper part of breast is starting to sinking. Implants are not sinking down actually, but it seems like that by appearance. The reason is that implants between nipple and bottom part of breast would be not suppressed like before according to skin of bottom part is stretching. By reducing suppression which was added to the bottom part of implants by tight skin of bottom part, filler in implants is rearranged to downward, you come to have feeling that breast itself would be reduced by reducing upper part of breast. Actually, it does not, mostly, you look down your breast from up to down, so you can have that feeling. Check your side appearance with a mirror. You come to know that the bottom part of breast would be ampler gradually. All these processes are appeared from patients who got breast augmentation surgery, and there is difference of degree only. You should know that your breast would be smaller, but it is nothing to worry.

First three months after surgery, your breast would be changed continuously, and then it would be very exciting to do shopping. It is nice experience to see you nicer by wearing clothes that you want. The period to want to go to shopping is different from patients, but if you think you are ready to go to shopping, then enjoy it whenever.

One patient used excellent expression first three months after getting breast augmentation surgery. She told that “Breast was feeling like to press dialing pad by putting fake nail on my nail. It is strange feeling until getting used to it.” This was told by more than 90% of patients. There is no pain. Only the feeling is different. About three months would be passed, awkward feeling would be less and it would be disappeared at a moment. It becomes a part of your body.

One year after surgery

If implants are not felt any more, then you come to forget the fact that you got breast augmentation surgery. This means that capsular contracture would not be occurred and you selected size of implants well.

Once, tissue was healed and implants were adapted well, then it would be seen that there are not foreign substances. New appearance would be accepted as your body naturally. Implants are not talking point anymore and even you do not think about it. 

After six months to one year, you come to know that there would be occurred capsular contracture or not, and breast would not be changed meantime, and it is normal phenomenon. If you choose implants in proper size, then it would be appeared that similar phenomena to phenomena appeared when breast in the same size is aging. Generally, your breast would be sagged in the degree that big breasts are sagged when aging, but it would be better than others. As implants are bigger, and breast tissue is thinner, the sagging and loosing would be serious as time passes.