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title Incision area for me > Incision of line under the breast
Name optima date 2011-11-03

As for the method to incise folding area under the breast, it is the surgical method to insert implants by incising about 3~4 cm to the wrinkle formed around boundary area between breast and the upper part of the belly. It has strengths that it is possible to make space to insert implants in want precisely and easily for the surgical method is simple and surgical hour is short. It is useful method in cases that there are other problems such as reoperation or capsular contraction etc.

However, it has weaknesses that scar on the surgical area is easy to be noticed when lying, and it is the method to western people frequently than Asian who is sensitive to scar.

* Strengths of line under the breast

Though which shape of breast it is, it is possible to access without damaging other tissue or mammary gland to secure space and which is easy to control by doctor. Compared to other incision line, there is no dangerous operation around, so experienced techniques of doctor and proper equipments would be premised, then it is possible to perform surgery easily without limitation in which form of breast.

* Weaknesses of line under the breast

Of course, the scar which was treated well after time and made in good place would not be noticed than the mark which would be left when taking off bra.

However, to patients in low rate, scar would be noticed.

If a big scar which was formed in the past is left in the breast area (in case that it was not better after time passed), you should consider other incision location. With any test, it is impossible to predict how scar would be.