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title Incision area for me >Umbilical incision breast augmentation
Name optima date 2011-11-03

It is the method to augment breast by inserting implants by using endoscope after securing passage to breast tissue through minimum incision on the umbilical area.

This method has strength that there is no special inconveniences to use arm after surgery, but only saline solution implants are possible to use, and in case that the distance between nipple and wrinkle under the breast is short, it is impossible to lower the line under the breast, so it is difficult to make natural breast.

* Strengths of umbilical incision

The biggest strength of umbilical incision is that the incision location is out of breast. The reason that umbilical incision is easy to be accepted to many women is they are accustomed to incision of endoscope on the belly which is using to tie the fallopian tubes (tubal ligation). Actually, the implants to put through umbilical have weakness to incise much bigger than other surgeries to be done on the belly.

*Weaknesses of umbilical incision

It requires many experiences to perform pocket desquamation while it leave scar at the place far from the breast, and it is the weakness that it is possible to use only saline bag. Besides, it should make tunnel which can bag go through to the area of breast from umbilical, so the damage of tissue is big and it is hard to control.