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title Importance of selecting implants
Name optima date 2011-11-03

There are very many kinds of implants which are used to breast plastic surgery. Round shape, tear-drop shape, less filled, properly filled, fully filled, smooth surface, textured surface, saline solution quality, silicone gel qualities etc.

There are implants which are possible and impossible to select per each country, and each has effective cases according to specific situations. Of course, everything has benefits and prices for that.

Then, how it should be selected? Let’s learn about the method to select. Maybe, there are more and important information than we knew or want to know in here. The wrong choice if implants might take considerable expenses for than since after, so for the best choice, it should be judged properly and fully understood for the implants.

  1. Principles to refer to select implants

1. The choice of implants is team decision by both of you and doctor together.

2. That there is enough soft tissue which can cover implants (decision of location to insert –on the muscle or under the muscle) is more important than to choose kinds of implants.

3. When shape of implants (round shape or anatomical type) is selected, potential risk would be considered which influence on life of implants when cover is folded.

4. When you decide size of implants, remember that there are more weaknesses as the implants are big, and especially the risk to undergo for a long term period.

2) The choice of implants is more important than incision location.

In addition, do not make hasty decision for the incision location or implants in advance.

In the present, do not worry too much about the choice of implants.

Meet doctors, and select the doctor who understand what you want best, and explains the specific characteristics of your tissue and the influence on augmentation surgery best. And decide the implants that the doctor recommends and the reason by listening carefully.

3) Kinds of implants, location, and possible combination of incision areas

Shapes of implants

Quality of surface

Location to insert


Incision area



On the muscle/ under the muscle


Round shape

Smooth surface



Textured surface



Tear-drop form

Textured surface


Umbilical incision -No

The implants in tear-drop form are difficult to be fixed precisely by umbilical incision, it is impossible to insert under the muscle by this incision area.


The above table shows the combination that is possible to be performed by each method such as kinds of implants, location to insert and incision area etc by a specialist with experiences of breast augmentation surgery. This table has options which are possible to select in the present. “Yes” means the combination which is possible to be accepted and scientifically. “No” means that somebody might do, but it is impossible until now.

If somebody says the combination which is marked “Yes” is impossible, then you should find that it is possible. If you find a doctor who has experiences in every method, then it is sured that you can select what you want.