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title Capsular contracture
Name optima date 2011-11-03

Occurring of capsular contracture depends on surgical technique. The cause of occurring would be removed by surgical technique in advance. Capsular contracture which was occurred already would be treated earlier. With best efforts, it would be prepared to the worst situation always.

By use of implants in authority which got approval of FDA, it would be guaranteed for lifelong and rights and benefits of patients would be protected.

The occurrence of capsular contracture depends on surgical technique. Therefore, the average occurrence ration of capsular contracture is meaningless. That is, it is possible to lower the occurrence of capsular contracture as much, so director Lee, Anna of Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic removes cause of occurrence in advance with surgical technique in surgical process.

Especially, the technique of breast augmentation surgery by using endoscope and water of Director Lee, Anno removes damage of tissue as much as possible, so the possibility to occur capsular contracture would be lowered. That is, for there is hardly bleeding, infection, pain which are the causes of capsular contracture, so breast would be shrunk, so capsular contracture would not be occurred well.

Still, there are people who have thought that the occurrence of capsular contracture is depends on luck.

Capsular contracture should be treated earlier. And the capsular contracture which was occurred already is done with quick treatment. Of course, in the worst case, it would be required replace of bag, change of location, and removal of bag. However, for this case, Optima Plastic Surgery Clinic which uses implants in authority approved by FDA can get lifelong guarantee, so the rights and benefits of patients would be protected as much as possible.

1. What is capsular contracture?

When foreign substances or medical device come into human body, then tissue formed film around it. This film is called capsular contracture, and it is formed around every implant of every patient. Capsule around implants does not cause problems from most of patients, but in some cases, capsule becomes to be shrunk or stiffed seriously, so it make that implants very hardened by suppressing implants and sometimes, the implants escape from its place or the breast shape would be changed. This phenomenon is called capsular contracture.

For also implants used in breast augmentation surgery are substances which do not exist originally, so these immune responses come to be occurred. For the shell layer of implants is made of Silastic, so our body recognizes this as foreign substances, forms solid capsule and wraps around it. Once capsular contracture forms, augmented breast is touched stiffly without soft feeling. Frequently, it is relevant to express that it is like a baseball after breast augmentation surgery, and one of the serious side effects of breast augmentation surgery.

However, this response of capsular contracture could be occurred or not according to surgical methods of doctor and physical constitution of patients. In addition, these side effects could be reduced considerably by doing diligent breast massage according to direction of doctor after surgery.

Massage which is rubbing softly like releasing lumps by holding breast would be done about 15~30 minutes every day for more than six months, there is hardly the thing that breast would be hardened.

2. Causes of capsular contracture

1) In case of hematoma

2) Necrotized tissue

3) Response of foreign substances for silicone

4) Infection due to bacteria

5) Powder of surgical glove

6) Physical constitution and other responses

3. Occurrence ratio of capsular contracture

The danger of capsular contracture is different from kinds of implants, characteristics of implants shell, quality of contents, but there is report that the probability that it would be occurred from saline solution implants with textured surface is about 2~5%. It means that capsular contracture is occurred from one breast or both of breasts of 2~5 patients among 100. However, occurrence ratio could be lowered according to surgical technology of doctor and surgical environment, shape of implants.

 4. Situation of capsular contracture

The degree of capsular contracture after breast augmentation is as follows:

Grade Ⅰ Both of doctor and patient feel it soft and completely natural.

Grade Ⅱ Implants could be touched and it is possible to get surgery, but it is not seen in the eye, so patient oneself does not satisfied too much.

Grade Ⅲ Breast is hardened in the medium degree, and patient can feel it, too.

Grade Ⅳ Breast is very hard and painful by pressing, cold, and it is the case that distorted implants are seen by appearances, and silicone bag is seen by appearance.

When it is Grade I and II, it could be relatively satisfied surgery.

If it becomes hardened Grade III and IV, the problem could be settled with various treatments such as removing capsula around implants by surgery or if implants were put under the mammary gland of breast, then it is substituted under breast muscle etc.