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Every surgery brings damage of tissue in some degree. As surgery is delicate and precise, the damage of tissue becomes smaller; however damage of some part is inevitable. Your physical responses for the damage of tissue would be predicted as follows:

As the damage of tissue is bigger, inconveniences and other symptoms which are felt after surgery is more serious.

As the damage of tissue is bigger, the healing time is longer, and it takes more time to come back to normal life and feeling.

To insert implants, doctor should make space to insert implants. Space to insert could be between breast tissue and muscle (retromammary) or behind the breast tissue and muscle (Partial retroperctoral). In case to insert between breast tissue and muscle, space would be made by lifting breast tissue from breast muscle.

If you are thin, so you need more tissue to cover implants, then space would be made behind the muscle by lifting breast muscle. When muscle is moving, then inconveniences and swelling become more serious and convalescence period would be taken more. How long does it take? It depends on surgical method to make space and characteristics of your tissue.

To make inserting space on the muscle is easier to recovery than making space behind the muscle.

Why? The damage of tissue is less.

If you are thin, and it should be covered implants by muscle (for any reason), it is more important to cover sufficiently with muscle than to reduce damage of tissue.

According to the characteristic of your tissue, you and doctor should determine together.

As the doctor damages tissue, the convalescence is longer and more difficult.

Ask for about convalescence and compare the words of doctors.

The longer convalescence means to implicit that the damage of tissue is bigger in surgery.

Expansion of tissue-Damage of tissue in another form

Implants increase your tissue as well as nerves around breast. As implants are bigger, your tissue is firmer; the suppression of implants affects tissue in adding more. As time passes, (several weeks or several months), tissue comes to be stretched to adapt to implants and suppression would decrease according to it.

However, it could be felt inconveniences due to suppression of implants (especially implants are bigger and tissue is firmer) or nerves of breast would be stretched more; it would be lost sense temporarily or forever. What does that mean? Damage due to expansion of some tissue is inevitable, but too much big implants would be inserted to very firm tissue, then damage of sense temporarily and forever comes and inconveniences due to serious expansion.

To determine size of implants, your tissue should be considered.

During several weeks of convalescence, expansion of tissue can bring dull sense, itchiness, prickling feeling and other strange feelings temporarily. These feelings are general phenomenon of convalescence, but sense has lots of differences according to patients, and it is impossible to predict. If you choose big implants that can be hard to your tissue, sense would be more damaged, and you should expect that more times would be taken to recover sense which is close to normal.

Bruise and swelling

Bruise is bleeding in tissue. Bruise and swelling are occurred due to damage of tissue. As damage of tissue is bigger, bruise and swelling is more serious.

If bruise and swelling is more serious, then it takes more time to convalescence, and to come back to normal life, too.

You can judge more in details for the surgery to get from now on through following question,

 “Do I have bruise? How long? How about swelling? How can I make normal life?”


Though there is no capsular contracture and you did not choose too much big implants, still your nerves of breast is sensitive after three months after surgery, it is not from implants.

Most of sensitivity which is appeared to breast is response for hormone change due to intake of contraceptive pill etc or age. In addition, it could be due to intake caffeine such as coffee, chocolate or drug etc.

Mostly, sensitivity which is appeared during three months after surgery can occur to the side parts of breast by increasing nerves. Sensitivity which is occurred by increase of nerves after three months is not common. If serious capsular contracture is formed, then breast would be hardened seriously and it would be possible to be sensitive due to this.

If sensitivity is discovered, then observe how it is changing according to hormone cycle. If it changes, then it is due to hormone, but it is same without change, you should contact doctor.

Loss of sensation

Generally, as implants to insert are bigger, you should secure space a lot, and nervous come to more increase, so you come to lose more senses.

If the senses are not come back after two years, then do not expect that it would come back.

Most of patients lose some of senses right after surgery. However, after six months to twelve months, most of them can find senses again. Many patients do not lose senses, but some patients can have hypersensitivity. It is difficult to predict sense.

Regardless of location of implants or incision location (on or under the muscle), kinds of implants, change of sense is common. Change of sense is difficult to predict and there are various factors, but most of them are not possible to control by doctors or patients.