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title Notices before surgery
Name optima date 2011-11-03

1. Before three days to get surgery, you must not to take any kinds of medicines (aspirin, oriental medicine, vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements, hepatic medicine etc). (Only, medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, anemia etc should be taken continuously.)

2. If you have a surgery in the morning, you should fast from 24 o’clock in the evening of the former day, and if it in the evening, from 6 o’clock in the morning on that day. In case that food is left in the stomach, it could be pneumonia that food could be moved to lung during anesthesia.

3. Usually, surgery would be performed under general anesthesia, and sleep anesthetic for blood vessel not gas anesthetic which is the existing anesthetic in surgery, and intercostal anesthesia to minimize pain during surgery, so the pain is not severe, and the surgical time takes about 2~3 hours and it is possible to leave the hospital on that day.

4. When you are go to the hospital to get surgery, you should wear top which is convenient and size-friendly, and as much as possible, the shirt with front opening is convenient to wear after surgery.

5. It is good to accompany with guardian, and in case of visiting alone, self- drive is dangerous after surgery, so not to drive by oneself. It is possible to move but it is dangerous by concentration is dispersing, and it is possible to bleed after surgery.

6. As possible, do not bring accessories or valuables.

7. On the date of surgery, come to the clinic after take a bath with soap and shampoo surely, without make up.

8. In case of axillary incision, it should be removed body hair (the surgical part-armpit).